Prenatal Resources

Please note that some resources (noted with an asterisk*) may contain affiliate links or codes. Should you wish to purchase items based on my recommendations that I genuinely love, I earn a small commission to support my business.

Baby/Child Safety

Baby Registry Ideas

Gift card Ideas (baby will always get a ton of stuff from family/other parent-pals, but consider including things on your registry that will help take care of YOU as new parents):
  • UberEats 
  • FreshPrep
  • Local Home Cleaners
  • Amazon
  • Costco / Grocery stores that do online delivery
  • Starbucks 
  • Straight up cash (while it may not be “glamorous”, having the flexibility in buying things on the go is always helpful!)

Baby Care / Babywearing

Birthing Centres / Midwifery Practices

Holistic Health Practitioners

Lactation Support / Infant Feeding

Maternity / Birth / Family Photography

Maternity Fashion/Care Products

  • Nursing Queen (nursing clothes that don’t look frumpy!)
  • The Mumsie (bonus babywearing attire!)
  • Knix (best nursing garments/tank tops)
  • bellies inc. (pre/postnatal, pelvic floor support products - use promo code 'LYNNSHINTO' for 10% off)*

Pregnancy (Audio) Books / Podcasts

Prenatal Fitness / Wellness

Postpartum Resources

Baby Play / Activities Around the City

Baby Sleep Resources

Lactation Support / Infant Feeding

Parent Support Groups

Holistic Health Practitioners